W I N T E R   P A R K


Breed Ambassadors

Raising Breed Ambassadors

Here at Winter Park we work hard to raise breed ambassadors, dogs that are well socialized, well mannered and who create a positive impression of the breed with everyone they meet.  We believe that taking care of our dogs health needs and safety, exercise and training is key to their quality of life and it shows when we take them out in public places.  

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Training ours dogs is an absolute necessity.  By nature dogs prefer a society with rules, where they know his or her place.  Just like children, dogs come into the world filled with love and curiosity, but not manners so its important to remember to keep the same rules and be consistent in their training throughout their entire lives.  

GQ is shown below getting a full fledged bear-hug from an adoring fan !!

Out and About

Around the shows

Young people love "GQ" and he loves them right back !

Our dogs enjoy MEET THE BREEDS events at dogs shows !!  

GQ, shown below doing therapy work for an adult Special Needs community at shows in York, Pennsylvania !!  

Ava, a very sweet girl is shown below, getting attention from people of all ages!   She served as a wonderful breed ambassador at these benched shows in Philadelphia, PA  enjoying the crowds of people greeting her all throughout the day.

  Abby is one of the sweestest girls you'll ever meet.  She loves attention from kids!!

Abby and Ava volunteer at MEET THE BREEDS at Eulanuba in Orlando, Florida!

Westminster Kennel Club shows in New York city.  Back stage Ava's little fans get some hugs and pictures!!